John Hawthorn

Vectrex Emulator SDL port

Recently I stumbled across some videos of the Vectrex, an 8-bit game console from 1982. Specifically, hyper chase is about the coolest looking game I’ve ever seen.

I couldn’t find any existing emulators for linux, but I did find vecx by valavan manohararajah, a well written, super portable vectrex emulator, and made a quick port to SDL.

The system rom, included with source, plays “Minestorm”, which is similar to asteroids. Other roms can be played by running vecx ROMPATH.

A good thing about the vectrex is that the original games are freely available for non-commercial use. The system’s original roms can be found at:

SDL vecx download

Richard Bannister has also created vecx for OSX.


Nikita Zimin posted in the comments with his awesome vectrex port to the Dingoo A320 handheld.