John Hawthorn | | | PGP: 3743BC1E8B9DB1D9

πŸ‘‹ Hi! I’m John Hawthorn

I’m a πŸ’Ž Ruby committer, on the πŸš‹ Rails core team, and on the Ruby Architecture team at GitHub. I most like working on performance, hopefully I’ve made your code run faster too πŸ€—

Some of my personal open source projects:

πŸ” fzy is a fast and simple fuzzy text finder for the terminal. I wote fzy wanting a faster and more consistent algorithm than was available at the time, other tools have since adopted my algorithm. Fun fact: If you press t to find files in a GitHub repo that’s fzy!

πŸ—‘ discard provides a simple soft-delete pattern for ActiveRecord.

πŸ–ΌοΈ meh is a fast image viewer for X11 using raw XLib.

I dabble in electronics ⚑:

⌨️ I designed a USB controller to modernize Model M keyboards.

⌨️ I hand wired an ergodox-style keyboard

β˜• I built an MQTT-enabled temperature controller for my espresso machine