John Hawthorn

Restoring data on rooted Rogers Dream phones

Recently, rogers issued a firmware upgrade to fix an ancient (and rather dangerous) 911 bug in the version shipping on the Rogers Dream and Magic. To encourage users to upgrade, Rogers cut off data services to the affected models of phones who aren’t running the new rogers firmware. Many, myself included, run custom firmwares on our android phones. Almost all of which, being based on android 1.6+, have had the 911 bug fixed. The Rogers update, as an unfortunate side effect, makes it harder to install custom firmwares. This oversight can be worked around by running the new radio firmware shipped with rogers phones.

Upgrade instructions for rooted HTC dream

DISCLAIMER: Don’t do this if you don’t understand it. It may break your phone permanently.

This information is taken from a post by ezterry at and from my experience following it.

These instructions will put your Dream into the following state:



Data wasn’t immediately restored, but about 5 hours after this install I rebooted my phone and my data came back online.